Types Of Office Chairs To Consider Buying

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Investing in an office chair is essential, especially if your job entails sitting at a desk for many hours. With comfortable and functional office seating, you can be more productive while protecting your posture and spine health. While there are various office chair designs, you need to select the ideal chair. Here are common office chair types to consider buying.

Drafting Chairs

If your job entails standing for too long, drafting chairs are ideal. Remember that standing for too long may result in health issues, such as back problems. Ideally, drafting chairs complement drafting tables and standing desks. Hence, you can stand for some time and rest on the chairs, preventing workflow interruption. A standing chair has an adjustable height, and you can switch from a sitting to a standing position fast. Also, the chair usually has a foot ring for supporting your legs.

Further, some chair designs support your back, arms, legs, and entire body weight. However, some drafting chair designs don't have a back, but you can adjust the height accordingly. Overall, drafting chairs are lightweight and portable.

Yoga Ball Chairs

Yoga balls, balance balls, or stability balls are inflatable balls with a firm base. Some designs have a caster or backrest for improved comfort. Ideally, yoga ball chairs have health benefits including the following:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts productivity
  • Burns calories
  • Strengthens leg and core muscles

However, yoga ball chairs aren't a replacement for your regular office chair because using the chair for prolonged periods may cause fatigue or cause posture problems.

Executive Chairs

Consider buying executive office seating if you want your office to look stylish and high-end. Executive chair designs are usually sophisticated and may include a high back with thick cushioning for improved comfort. Additionally, the armrest and headrest are typically made of superior materials, such as polished hardwood or leather. Some executive designs also include reclining features or back and head massage features for relaxation.

Ergonomic chairs

If you want to maintain good posture, ergonomic chairs are a good option. This office seating option supports your back while working, protecting you from backache and poor posture. The features of ergonomic seats include height, armrest, and headrest adjustment. Also, you can adjust the seat depth, back height, and knee tilt to achieve maximum comfort and spine support.

Common office seating options include yoga balls, executive chairs, ergonomic chairs, and drafting chairs. Consider these office chair options to experience office comfort and functionality.

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