Top Reasons Why You Should Refinish Your Wood Furniture

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With the proper care and attention, a quality piece of wood furniture can last you a lifetime. However, if your once-beautiful wood dining setting or rocking chair are starting to show signs of wear and you are wondering if you should have these pieces professionally refinished, or purchase new furniture, then are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider refinishing your well-loved wood furniture.

Refinishing Furniture Allows You to Modernize Your Décor

Instead of donating or selling your outdated wood furniture, work with a furniture refinishing professional to update the look of your quality pieces. For example, if you have an outdated lighter finish on your furniture, consider updating the pieces with a darker stain that will work with more modern fixtures and finishes. In addition to modernizing the piece, a new finish will help protect older wood furniture pieces from staining, scratches, and damage.

Refinishing Furniture Will Save You Money

Quality wood furniture is intended to last for several decades, which is why it is so expensive. Instead of spending unnecessary money updating the look of your home, refinish your existing wood furniture. Having your existing wood furniture cleaned, repaired, stained, or repainted will cost far less than purchasing new pieces from the local furniture store.

Refinishing Furniture Is Better for the Environment

Although the process of refinishing and restoring wood furniture does involve the use of chemicals, this process is far more beneficial for the environment than the production of new wood furniture. For example, the pollution released when the wood for new furniture is harvested and prepared has a dramatically negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Additionally, several different potentially dangerous and even deadly chemicals are used in the mass production of wood furniture, including formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and phthalates. Even new furniture hand crafted in small batches may contain dangerous chemicals that can impact the environment and your child's health.

Refinishing Furniture Preserves the Value of Antique Furniture

Finally, if you have antique pieces in your home that are starting to show their age, professional refinishing will save the piece for future generations. It is never advisable to refinish antique wood yourself, especially if the piece is valuable. Instead, look for a furniture refinishing professional who has experience working with antique or older, valuable pieces.

If you have older wood furniture that you are thinking about replacing, take a second look at the piece and consider having the furniture refinished by a professional.

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