Places To Look For Vintage Props And Movie Collectables

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There are many reasons people search for vintage movie props for sale or items that were parts of a movie set. Collectors and aspiring filmmakers may want these items because they were part of an earlier production or for a new film that they are making.  Finding them can be challenging unless you know where to look.

Vintage Prop Houses

Some shops, called prop houses, specialize in movie props. They often carry many old and rare props and can find many things for movie productions if they need to. Some of these prop houses do sell items to the public, and if you can find one that carries mostly vintage props, you may have a better chance of finding the item you need. 

If you are looking for something specific, call ahead to see if they have the item or something from the same movie that you may also be interested in. Many times, prop houses will have items that don't list for sale, so when you are ready to visit the shop and walk through the collection of vintage movie props for sale, you may find things you didn't know they had that could be perfect for your collection or production. 

You can often negotiate prices with the owner, but keep in mind, they know the value of the items they have acquired over the years and may not lower the price any, but you can still make an offer and see what happens.

Antique Stores

In many cases, vintage movie props for sale will include old furnishings, vintage decor items, and other old items. Sometimes, working with an antique dealer to find vintage furniture in decent shape but reasonably priced is a good option. 

You may find old furnishings that are reproduction items and are cheaper to buy for your set. Vintage furnishings often have a specific style to them, but many of the pieces were handmade and have slight differences from one item to the next. The antique dealer can go over some of the items that will fit your needs if you give them some idea about what you are searching for.

Flea Markets

Sometimes people have collectibles from a movie set or vintage movie props for sale that they don't realize are valuable. These items may pop up at flea markets and rummage sales for low prices just because the owner no longer wants to keep them. 

If vintage props have been in the family for many years, the value and original of the props may get lost to the years.  The items may be sold without anyone knowing the value. If you have a sharp eye and know what to look for, these flea market finds are out there, and the price you pay for them is often well below the value. 

For more information about buying vintage movie props, contact a prop house in your area.

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