What Are The Benefits Of A Stand-Up Desk?

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You often hear that working at a stand-up desk is better for your health than sitting all day. This is true, but it's also not very specific. If you are thinking about buying a stand-up desk, you may be wondering what more specific benefits you can look forward to. Here are a few of them.

Reduced Risk of Weight Gain

Sitting all day makes it much easier to gain weight. You burn more calories when you're working at a standing desk, even if you don't move around much at all. When you're burning more calories each day, your chances of gaining weight year after year go down. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of heart disease and a wide range of other ailments, so this is definitely a key benefit of standing desks.

Fewer Back Problems

Do you find yourself hunching over and slumping as the day goes on? It's really hard not to do this at a seated desk, even if you have a good chair. At a standing desk, you're almost forced to maintain better posture. In the long term and in the short term, this is better for your back and neck. In other words, working at a standing desk results in less back pain, so you won't have to visit the chiropractor as often or spend your evenings icing your back.

Improved Mood

Sitting all day can leave you feeling dreary. This is probably partially due to the lack of activity that comes with being sedentary all day. It may also be a consequence of the back and neck pain that comes with sitting. Nobody is in their best mood when their back is sore. Because it encourages you to move around more, working at a standing desk tends to put you in a better mood. You may be less prone to issues like insomnia and depression as a result.

Looser Joints

If you have mild arthritis, you may find that sitting all day causes your joints to tighten up. This can happen to athletes after a workout, too. Working at a standing desk keeps you moving around a bit more so your joints stay looser and more limber. You may then have an easier time walking around or exercising.

Working at a standing desk is much better than sitting around all day. Look for a nice standing desk, and transform your work life.

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