French Dining Room Ideas

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There are numerous pieces of furniture you can buy to get the French look in your dining room. From wood pedestal tables to armless Louis chairs, you will be spoilt for choice. The French style blends traditional European elegance with rustic themes to give your dining room a refined and warm appeal.

French country style

The French country-style type furniture draws inspiration from the French countryside with a decorating style designed to strike a balance between refined and rustic. Common characteristics of this style include weathered finishes, warm neutrals, and antique furnishings. The country-style dining furniture is both welcoming and appears effortlessly elegant. The variety could have ruffled slipcover ding chairs, wood pedestal dining tables, and bentwood dining chairs.

French country furniture combines provincial patterns and beautiful fabrics for maximum appeal. It incorporates distressed woodwork, sophisticated curves, upholstery, and nail-head trims.

A French country décor can accompany the dining furniture. Feminine patterns and curvy-lined furniture characterize it. The dining furniture sets get their elegant finish from decorative trimming, pretty fringes, and lacy accents. Other additions include vases filled with flowers and smart gilded mirrors.

19th-century French dining furniture

This type of furniture is often made from wood, stone, and marble. Louis XVI designers made the original forms. Others are associated with Louis XV. Empire furniture from this era is inspired by motifs from the roman empire with classical decorations and symmetrical and curved shapes. Empire furniture is characterized by a show of luxury, bright upholstery, sophistication, refinement, and power.

19th-century French furniture is grand with a lot of lacquer and gilding. It has tighter geometric shapes complemented by darker stains and woods. It gives your dining room a somber and soft attitude with a practical touch.

French farmhouse dining furniture

The farmhouse design is cleaner and more casual when compared to other French styles. It has more defined lines when it comes to decorating. As the name farmhouse suggests, this type of dining furniture is a bit more rustic. The wood is raw and old, and the décor could be weathered and worn in some places. The French farmhouse dining furniture will blend elegance and rusticity. Old and bare wood is generously used.

French dining furniture is made to bring elegance and sophistication borrowed from recent centuries' wealthy upper bourgeoisie class. It is made of durable and sturdy wood designed to last for decades. It is characterized by embossed and intricate details and graceful curves that leave an impression of wealth and luxury. Contact a French dining furniture supplier to learn more.

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