Consider These Points When You Shop for a Bean Bag Chair

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There are perhaps few pieces of furniture that offer more of a casual vibe than a bean bag chair. While you might not want to have one in a formal living room, it can work well in a basement rec room, a child's bedroom, and several other places throughout your home. You'll find all sorts of different bean bag chairs at your local furniture store, and it can be fun to shop for one with a cover design that will complement the room in which you intend to place it. Here are some points that you'll want to keep in mind when you shop for a bean bag chair.

Removable Cover

It's a smart idea to choose a bean bag chair that comes with a removable cover. There's a good chance that spills will occur on the cover over time. This is particularly likely if your children will be using this chair to eat snacks while they're watching TV or playing video games. It can be challenging to clean the cover of a bean bag chair when you can't remove it, but this task gets much easier with a removable cover. You can simply unzip the cover, perform any needed spot cleaning, and then toss it into the washing machine.


When you look at different bean bag chairs, you may notice that they're available in different heights. Two factors that influence the height of a bean bag chair are the size of the cover and the amount of stuffing inside the cover. In general, it's ideal to pick a chair that is on the taller side. A chair that is too short will become even lower to the ground when someone sits down on it, which can sometimes result in an awkward seating position. A taller bean bag chair will allow the person to sit in more of an upright manner.

Feel Of The Stuffing

Make sure that you check how the stuffing inside of each bean bag chair feels. Ideally, you'll be able to sit on a few chairs, but if this isn't possible, squeezing them with your hands can work well. There are all sorts of different stuffing materials used inside of this type of furniture, and the feeling can vary from product to product. You want to choose something that gives you the feeling that you want. For example, if you want to really sink into the chair, stuffing that feels softer might be desirable. Conversely, if you want the chair to have more structure, you'll want to choose stuffing that is firmer. Visit a furniture store to browse its selection of bean bag chairs.

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