Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Dining Room Set

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A great dining room set should create an ambiance of intimacy and elegance. Dining room tables are traditionally the place where families get together on special occasions to enjoy a delicious meal and relish in the fellowship they have with each other. The table can be large or small but the central purpose of the piece is to serve as a symbol of togetherness. You may be in the process of either furnishing a new home or adding new items to your current place and want to get a table that truly defines who you are. The article below provides you with a couple of tips you can use while on the hunt for the perfect dining room set.

Choose Your Shape

Dining room sets come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular table shapes are rectangular, square, and round. The first decision you want to make is to determine which shape will look best in your particular dining area. This is an important consideration for so many reasons!

Go into your dining room area and take a good look at it. As you envision tables in the room, try to factor in how much space each person will have as they push out from their plate. If you have a smaller dining room you might want to go with a round table. This should make it easier for everyone to have enough wiggle room. If the dining room is on the larger side you can help to fill it in with a long, rectangular table. Be sure to measure out your space before going shopping so you can make sure you don't get a table that is too big to fit into the room.

Choose Your Material

After you've determined the shape of your desired table you'll then want to think about the material. A glass table is surely a beauty but if you have small children who like to touch things that table will likely fill up with fingerprints. 

Wood is a great choice if you want something that carries an elegant, timeless appeal. Cherry, pine, and teak are deep, robust woods that look amazing in almost any room. If natural wood is a bit out of your budget you can choose a laminate that closely matches the wood of your choice.

Be sure to choose a table with enough chairs to support your household and any potential guests. After you've made your decisions get over to a local furniture store and start your browsing right away.

For more information, contact a local furniture supplier to learn more about a 5 piece dining room set.

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