Reasons to Choose a Bunk Bed With a Slide

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A bunk bed provides a fun sleeping arrangement for two children, whether it's two of your own kids or one of your children and a friend who is visiting for a sleepover. When you visit a furniture store, you'll see all sorts of bunk bed configurations that you can evaluate to decide which will best suit your child's bedroom. Some beds are equipped with a slide that runs between the top bunk and the floor. While there are lots of design features to consider as you shop, choosing a model that has a slide can be a good idea. Here are some reasons to buy this unique type of bunk bed.

Indoor Recreation for Kids

Most children love going down a slide, and your kids may frequently visit a park to use the play structure or you may even have a play structure in your backyard. On days that are rainy, as well as during the winter, your children won't be able to use an outdoor slide. They will, however, be able to have fun on the slide that is attached to the bunk bed. If you're the type of parent who is always seeking recreational options for your kids, a bunk bed with a slide can provide hours of entertainment in the years ahead.

Quick Getting Out of Bed

At various ages, children can have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. As a parent, it can be frustrating to feel as though you constantly need to encourage your child to get up so that they won't be late for school. When your child has a bunk bed that is equipped with a slide, you'll have an easier way to encourage the child to get up. For example, you can tell them to throw the covers off and slide down the slide. Most kids will be excited to do so, given the fun of the slide, and you'll have solved the problem of your child being a slow and reluctant morning riser.

Potentially Safer for Kids

Virtually every child knows how to use a slide and can do so safely. When your child is in the top bunk, you might encourage them to use the slide to get down the floor instead of using the bunk bed's ladder. Some people find that it's easier to climb up a ladder than down it, and your child might be among this group. They'll be able to safely use the ladder to get into bed, and then use the slide to get down safely. Look for a bunk bed with a slide at a nearby bedroom furniture store.

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