Caring For The Upholstery Of Your Living Room Furniture

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Upholstered furniture can be significantly more comfortable and attractive than furniture that is not upholstered or padded. However, the upholstery will need to be properly maintained in order to keep the furniture items looking their best.

Protect The Upholstery Against Pet Damage

While pets are likely valued members of your family, they can be extremely hard on upholstered furniture. This is largely a result of the risk of their claws ripping the fabric. However, it can also be possible for pet hair and dander to cause the upholstery to start to smell unpleasant or musty. Applying a fabric guard and using protective pet covers can significantly reduce the risk of your pets causing this type of damage to the upholstery. Many upholstery pet covers are designed to be easy to remove, which can be useful when you have guests coming to your home.

Vacuum And Steam Clean The Upholstery Regularly

Thoroughly cleaning the upholstery is another important care tip. Vacuuming the upholstery on a regular basis can be a way of reducing this problem as it will remove the dirt and dander before it is able to get worked into the fabric. In addition to being vacuumed, the upholstery should also be steam cleaned. The steam cleaning process will thoroughly clean deep into the fabric so that any dirt or stains can be loosened and lifted out of the fabric. Steam cleaning the upholstery should be done once or twice a year. Luckily, steam-cleaned upholstery will dry quickly so that you will only be unable to use it for a short time.

Minimize The Direct Sunlight Hitting The Upholstery

Intense and direct sunlight on the upholstery can be a source of wear that people often underestimate. However, prolonged periods of direct sunlight can expose the upholstery to substantial amounts of ultraviolet light. Over time, this will break down the pigments and cause the upholstery to fade. If this occurs, replacing the faded upholstery will be the only option for restoring the appearance of the furniture. Position the furniture out of the path that the sun will take over the course of the day. Another option can be to apply a film to the glass that will block ultraviolet light. While these films are often tinted, they can also be clear so that they can be a discrete option for reducing this source of wear. 

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