Living Room Upgrade? FAQs About Sectional Couches

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Are you ready to update your living room? Your furniture may be decades old, out of style, and worn. Before you invest in a new sofa, take a look at what you need to know about sectional couches, home decor, and your options.

Why Choose A Sectional?

You may have always had a standard sofa or couch and loveseat combo. Why switch to a sectional now? There isn't one reason to invest in this option. If you're not sure whether a sectional is the right choice for your living room, the top benefits include the following.

  • Seating space. Is your family growing? Do you enjoy entertaining? If you don't live alone or invite guests to your home often, you may need additional seating. A sectional can provide more space than a tractional two-person loveseat or three-person sofa.

  • The ability to change the design. You're not sure how you want to arrange your living space. A sectional gives you options. You can break apart the pieces, create an L-shaped design, or try one horizontal row.

  • Extra furniture. As you add to your living room, the space becomes smaller. The larger sectional you thought would fit, now makes the room feel cramped. Simply remove one part (or a few) and move them into another room.

Along with these benefits, a sectional can break up one larger living room space into several smaller or individual areas. Use the sofa to build boundaries or arrange it in a way that creates multiple seating sections. 

Are All Sectionals the Same?

Simply stated, no. While all of these couches feature individual sections that come together to form one larger piece of furniture, you will find an array of options that match every design aesthetic. If you're not sure which sectional to choose or what to look for in a sofa, consider:

  • The color. Do you want a sectional that blends with the rest of the room's palette or stands out in a dramatic way? If the couch is the anchor or central piece of the room, a bold or dark color is an option to seriously explore. 

  • The texture. You've chosen a color. Now you need to select a fabric. Sectional couches for sale are available in smooth or textured fabrics, soft suedes (or suede-like materials), leather, and faux leather.

  • The sections. Not all sectionals have the same size or number of pieces. The larger space you need to fill or the more seats you need, the larger the sectional. You may also want to add a chaise type of section or a reclining area.

As you shop for sectionals, talk to a furniture professional about the overall quality. Sectionals are investment pieces that should last for more than a year or two. Choose a high-quality construction and a material that won't easily tear, fade, or wear. For more information on sectional couches, contact a company near you.

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