Selecting The Perfect Location For An Outdoor Fire Pit

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If you enjoy spending time outdoors on your property and you are thinking about investing in a fire pit so you can continue enjoying it during cooler times of the year, you have likely thought about the positioning of this type of apparatus. Safety is a concern whenever a fire source is present, which means you need to make a selection for the location of a pit based on a few key points.

Use A Spot Near An Outdoor Water Source

There is a risk of a fire spreading at any time regardless of what type of apparatus you use to try to keep one contained. Because of this, it is best to select a location for your fire pit where you are able to access a water source without difficulty. Position your fire pit near your outdoor hose, by a fountain, near a pond, or next to a birdbath. Make sure you have a container in close proximity to the water source so you can quickly collect water if you need to douse a fire that has gotten out of hand. It is also wise to have a functioning fire extinguisher in your shed, on your porch, or in an outdoor storage container as well.

Stay Away From Potential Hazards

Do not position a fire pit anywhere near electrical lines. Take a look at your property in detail to determine where power lines are present and avoid spots underneath them. Do not set up your firepit near propane tanks or where underground propane tubing is settled. You may need to contact your propane supplier for this information if you are unsure about the placement of underground materials. Make sure there are no branches hanging over a spot where you want to place a firepit. If a fire gets too high, these can become hazards. High brush or grass, plants, and outdoor equipment are also hazards when fire is present.

Consider The Privacy Of Your Special Spot

If you do not wish for your neighbors to know when you are sitting by an outdoor fire, you want to position your pit so it is not viewable from adjoining properties. Walk around your yard while looking at neighboring homes. When you have difficulty seeing what is going on in a neighbor's yard, that spot is one where the neighbors will have difficulty seeing you as well. For added privacy, add a fence around your fire pit.

For more information on outdoor fire pits, contact a professional near you.

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